What’s a cool blog name? [#Thought]

green ninja

I am thinking of started a new blog, nothing too commercial but catching and cool.  I want something that reflects my beliefs and my witty humor in life.  I just don’t have the words to pair up to that awesome name.  I guess I would ask friends or blog community what are a few things that they think will be good for me.  I need your input.

I want something with like 2-6 words, that reads like a phrase.  I don’t want it to be too self-centered, but a cool place to hang out at and a cool escape from life.  Wow, I got some thinking to do.  I am ready to entertain you and the world.

Leave me your thoughts.


Thanks for viewing,
Richardo Wilson


13 thoughts on “What’s a cool blog name? [#Thought]

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