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If you are like me, you just enjoy entertainment and being entertained.  Nothing is better than checking out a new movie, song or more from your favorite celebrity.  I must say this, if you don’t have a favorite actor or musician or a few, I find you absolutely weird.  I might say completely weird, but in a genre of things you like you must have a favorite or favorites.  It’s only natural you support a person or follow them in their careers.  So I found the best way to spy on your favorite celebrities.

The answer or the key is THE INTERNET.  Everything is on the internet.  So with just a clock of a button and a few keyword on what you are looking for, pop goes the weasel and bunch of information is in your grasp.  I know it may sound dull, but here is the real truth or at least what I know on how to spy on my favorite celebrity.

My way of spying (aka stalking) my favorite celebrity is going to and put in their name.  That site will let you know the project they are involved in and whether it’s in development, pre-production, filming, or post production and of course hints on when it shall be coming out.  It’s relatively simple.  Most of favorite celebrities are not in the gossip columns constantly in which you can stay up to date with those and their madness with sites such as, and a few others, that stalk your favorite celebrities for you and bring you the juice and dirt.  But if you are just a normal cool person, who is living your life and just want to know when to expect certain enjoyment, well and is beautiful sources that stays up to date.  If you are up for more of your favorite celebs you should go on and find their Twitter page, Facebook page and also Instagram in which most celebrities update to stay connected with their fans.

So know that you know how to spy of your favorite celebrities in which might be one of your favorite guilty pleasures.  Go on and enjoy yourself.

Who are you favorite celebrities, whether actor, producers, directors, singers, writers and more?

Let me know, let’s share the laughs and fun. 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Richardo Wilson


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