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kevin hart

In case you didn’t know, Kevin Hart is funny.  He really is.  If you don’t know who Kevin Hart is, you are surely missing out.  My blog is a lot about real life topics and development, but there is also a comedic side as well.  Mostly it’s due to the fact that I am big on sense of humor.  You can ask anyone, I really stand out on my jokes, corny or not or just my expressions and way of speech.

Anyways back to Kevin Hart, his 2013 stand-up comedy film “Let Me Explain” is now streaming on Netflix, among his other stand-up comedy flick like “I’m A Grown Little Man“, “Laugh At My Pain” and other movies such as his break role in “Think Like A Man“. If you haven’t watched Kevin Hart stand-up, I strongly advise to go do so.  He keeps his work so honest and really has a story to tell which is easily relatable and just draws you in.

After a long day of work or working out at the gym, I love to kick back and have some laughs to even out the stress and more that comes along with life, and Kevin Hart comedies are my go to on YouTube and on Netflix.

kevin hart

Look out for Kevin Hart’s new movies in 2014 like “Think Like A Man Too” and ‘Ride Along” with Ice Cube.  He should have a another amazing year in the comedy and movie industry as well as strong following with his Tv Show, “Real Husband of Hollywood” on BET.

Kevin Hart

Do you know of Kevin Hart or saw any of his movies or stand ups?  What is your favorite Kevin Hart stand-up and movie?

Let me know, let’s share the laughs and fun. 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Richardo Wilson


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