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How To Not Spill Coffee In Your Boss’s Office

Spill Coffee in Office

So here I am cool tech guy in workplace, some people love me, some people really love me, I have no haters, well so I think.  It’s another day at work, helping customers and aiming for company goals, then comes that time of the day, your belly rumbling, headache starting to set in and then BAM it hits from a block away, I need to go on break.  I mean like yesterday.  Of course, I am not the only one starving, but who shall be the bait on the cold weather to grab food for everybody in the office today.  It surely wasn’t going to be me today, because I packed rice cakes and a big bottle of water in my bag for work.

So it’s break time, I skillful “ninja’d” myself off the clock for break.

(ninja’d means to stealthy do a particular activity, with precision, aka a word I use on the regular and made up).

So here comes my supervisor, friendly but incredibly honest and brutal when she needs to be, I would have to say my #1 co-worker of 2014 hands down so far, she gave me the eye contact that she needs a life saver to grab her some grub, and me like a kind-hearted sucker said, sure I will get it for her.  She does what everyone else does, looks out for the next person who is starving and here comes the order for the boss coming up next.  I was so trying to avoid doing everyone’s order, some team player I am huh, I kid I kid.  I figured at least I shall be going on break, I will take one for the team.

So after 20 minutes of waiting for her and the boss’s order, I am off to McDonalds and back.

POW, I bring all the goodies back to the office for everyone to grab their share of food.  The boss’s face was lit up for food has arrived.  He grabs his coffee, while I am taking out the soda to hand to my supervisor, who “ninja’d” her food out the bag and away from me without me seeing, and then comes the EPIC FAIL of the day, my coffee at edge of the boss’s desk, starts to do the wobble wobble and the shakey shakey, and BAM on the floor my coffee goes.  My boss like a ninja moves his feet with epic skills of dodging hot coffee, looks at me in his best calm cool, you about to get this sarcastic remark, “Ummm you going to have to replace the floor tiles….”.  There was carpet on the floor, in which was very much soaked from this large coffee, that I didn’t even smell, taste, or even see exist in its liquid form until all over the boss’s office floor.  Good job by me huh, such a noob mistake.

So as my boss enjoys he delicious food, that bought, as well as large and most awesome coffee, and also my supervisor enjoying her so awesome meal, both no longer starving, I am on the floor on my break, cleaning.  That’s just great.

Luckily for me, my boss is a stand up guy.  He is very supportive and attentive, but will definitely be that guy to roast you with his humorous jabs when he is in a good mood.  Today was one of the those good mood days.



1. Avoid your boss at all cost.

2. Don’t help the other person in command to grab food for your task will be to grab food or coffee for everyone.

3. Don’t even go in the boss’s office with food much less coffee in your hands.

4. Follow your first instinct, feed yourself first.

5. Follow all the rules above.

Let me know what you think of this post and have any situation like this ever happened to you before.

What was your favorite part of this post?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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