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Hey Friends,

As of late I have been settling down on a smooth writing schedule.  I been looking to more weekends off as I am putting finishing touches on projects and have as much fun as I can my long and hard weeks of work and productions.  So as Friday approaches I quietly tip toe off the map into a time out phase of relaxation.  I am happy with my writing and things have been coming along, especially two pet project blogs of mine, Master Ninja Ari and This Is My New York City, and seeing how much they have both grown.  I simply have a method and style of creating & curating unique content and managing a series.

I plan on having a happy photographic weekend, in which I am just going to take my camera out on the town and capture away unique photos for this blog.

Enjoy your weekend, and find a fun and happy spot for yourself to tip toe off to.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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