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THE QUESTION IS: What would be your dream job?

dream job

We all have dreams or thoughts, whether they are big or small.  When growing up in the world, we see people play different roles in our lives and in society.   At some point you might have asked yourself, what is the right job for me.  We tend to look back at our skills and passions or things we would love to do if given a chance.  So, what would be your dream job?

Not everyone’s answer would be the same, and some of the factors may be different as well.  Factors such as role, hierarchy, money, fame, power, importance, may shape our decisions.


My dream job is to be a creative director and producer at a company such as HBO or maybe even GOOGLE.  The position to be creative and implement entertainment and management to a staff of people passionate about changing the world.  My former dream jobs as a kid were to be a successful soccer player, a pilot, even being an accountant, but I found out later, those jobs were for me.  It’s always great to live your  life and follow your dreams, but also have secondary dreamy jobs in case the number ones don’t fall through, the plan b jobs.


My Plan B jobs/careers are, blogger and writer, publishing firm manager, human resource manager, a teacher or a psychologist.  I taking steps daily in improving my knowledge and skills to this roles to one day fit in that dreamy role and make a difference in the world and people’s lives doing something I love.

Let me know what’s your dream job/career and/or your plan b alternative job/career, just in case.


Be kind and share, and remember to smile.

*THE QUESTION IS: is a series about asking a question, interacting and sharing answers, and starting a conversation.  Join in every Tuesday.

Thanks for reading,
Richardo Wilson

2 thoughts on “THE QUESTION IS: What would be your dream job?

  1. You have got a nice dream job there! 🙂
    Mine is becoming a writer of fantasy books. I don’t really have a plan b job, never liked a plan b very much 😉
    But I do have my papers for starting my own remedial teacher practice, so I guess it’s covered anyway! 🙂


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