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Vintage Art in nYc [#photography]

Art don’t have to be complex.  Art is mostly a reflection of life and visions we see.  As I traveled around New York City for inspiration and to begin my new web show to show people the art and life of new york city, I came areas where I snapped these photos below.  I am very fond of concepts, angles and red.  I am also very mesmerized by the exotic car brand, Porsche.

Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think.


Vintage Art Nyc - Red - RawMultimedia Photography

Vintage Art Nyc - Porsche - Exotic Car - RawMultimedia Photography

Here is a short poem to go with the post…

My Eyes See Art

My eyes see through reality,
With them I create art,
Something to inspire others,
For art is now a reflection,
Back to something real,

What are your favorite colors?  What type of photography or objects you enjoy to see photographs of?

Thanks for reading & viewing
Richardo Wilson

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