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I don’t feel like writing, but hence I am writing anyways.  I enjoy to see the words from my thoughts come to life on a page or computer screen.  It’s really not for the pleasure of others reading my works but more of the fact that I am able to do so myself, makes me feel good.  So when I write it must be something interesting, worth wild, not really just writing to write or grab attention.  It’s such a mystery at times where my passion for writing has come from.  In my everyday life, I keep my thoughts to myself, I am observer, so when actually act my thoughts out, they have went through a series of processes just for me to let them out.  Thoughts of whats the right words I want to say, who do I want to hear such words, in what way or form should I say such words, and will it be with a smile or a straight face.  Writing is therapy, visual stimulation, fun, time-consuming at times via I can’t stop writing.  So to end it all off why I write;

I write to be free.
I write to make my imaginary thoughts visible.
I write to read.
I write for me.

Question: Why do you write?

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Richardo Wilson



WHOA…Bugs Bunny going in…Check it out.

Fun Free Poetry & Stories in bite size pieces.


Bugs Bunny

What’s up doc?
Are you ready to pop?
Are you ready to rock?
Maybe you are ready to hop,

To the beat and laugh and by merry,
I am funnier than Daffy, one half of Tom and Jerry,
Numero uno, I kicking it with Elmer & Sam,
Gosh darn it man, I am simply the MAN.

So what’s up doc?

#note: I am a big Bugs Bunny fan.  He is probably one the greatest inspiration for me doing improv and comedian.  Cartoons characters like Bugs, Daffy, Tom and Jerry were what made me who I am today.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis |

Q: What were some of your favorite cartoons and cartoon characters?


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