Everyday I am crafted words together to inspire myself and others.  I enjoy the interaction and the engagement I actually have with other writers and readers.  It’s funny how sometimes it is mostly with complete strangers, but lucky for me I am great at conversations.  How is your life as a writer?  How is your life as a reader?  When I read the words of others they set off triggers in my head to create something similar or relatable or just spark a new direction I yet tried to explode.  I tend to enjoy the micro blogs and secret huts of great art than the most popular blogs via I think the information tends to be too society and pop culture based and loses its true quality of being thought-provoking and intelligent.  Don’t get me wrong there are some that do a phenomenal job transcribing great pieces of work, but that’s not very common when you are reading from a writer’s perspective, via you know more can be done.

As a writer life is spent thinking of how to grasp concepts and to be myself the more I can and deliver interesting writings for others.  I look more towards voids in writing and how I can fill it.  I hate to follow the cluster, for I write to be real and direct as much as possible.  The world has many flaws, and it seems like only the sophisticated and well in-tuned sees and avoid being caught up in the mess.  I think I write for mostly those people, but I am trying to reach out to

Life as a writer, comes with a lot of judgement calls and constant search for things to write about.  It’s so bad for me, via I write often almost daily, with a new or refined outlook on many topics.

Here are my pains:

1) I tend to write on everything I see.

2) I am always writing on multiple platform (notepad, iPhone, tablet, bits of paper, letters, recipes and more)

3) Trying to find new ways to advertise and appeal to readers.

4) Late night writing at 3am in the morning.

5) Always asking myself, will this be that awesome new post.

6) How often should I self-promote in the real life than digital.

7) Taking a bite of food, having to wait a good 20 minutes to capture a concept before eating again (starving 🙂 )

8) Trying to read all my peers posts or as much as I can and support their efforts. (I honestly love them and their works.)

What are your pains as a writer?


Let me know what you think…drop me a comment.


Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson


4 thoughts on “LIFE AS A WRITER

  1. I certainly can relate to point 1,2 and 4. O well, guess night is just the best time to write, isn’t it?
    But my biggest pain of being a writer are the emotions. If you write with heart and soul, you are bleeding, you know?
    Lots of love,


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