Social Sundays: Birthday Gifts

English: Two-year-old girl in traditional Amer...
English: Two-year-old girl in traditional American birthday hat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So every sunday as part of my “Dream Summer” series I present “Social Sundays“.  It’s an interactive, fun, lifestyle and engaging series of random tidbits and social conversations.  I have been thinking up this idea for a while and couldn’t find anything that clicked.  Until one day I when my “Dream Summer” idea came to me, I was like, BAM, I got it.  I really want to speak with the world and share great thoughts, rich ideas, findings and more with everyone.  One of the super feature of this series is the ‘Taste of the Week” in which we all have a sweet tooth for something, we all want to find the new “it“.


Welcome everyone to “Social Sundays” your source of great conversation & musings my name is Richardo, and I am your curator and aesthete of art, life and colors.


“Social Tidbits


What do you want for your birthday for 2013?


I am relatively simple when it comes to my birthday.  I think of a feeling I was to express or a mood that will carry through the day, and visually in my mind the pieces start to fall into place.  This year I am unfortunately low on funds for almost the first time ever, so I have to craft a unique experience of fun and excitement for myself think of a manageable budget and let my creative mind go wild.


Since I been on a lovely and smooth diet I have eliminated a few key loves of my life, oh yes, I am talking food.  I haven’t had Jerk Chicken and rice and peas in such a long time, as well as I have not indulge into a lovely piece of strawberry cheese cake in which are both my favorite.  So for my birthday, simply I want food, and as a side order of things I would love so laughs, so I got to find where that will come from.


If I could make a generic list as of today I will have to say, it would look like this below:


– Jerk Chicken

– Tenchu Z (videogame) for XBOX 360

– Strawberry Cheesecake

– A day of LAUGHS, (maybe a comedy show or Netflix of classic comedy movies)

– Telling all my friends to go to my BLOG and give me some views. (Ha ha ha, I am serious though)

– A lovely bottle of wine.

– A nice outfit to take pictures and videos in.



Man thinking on a train journey.
Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My thoughts on birthdays


I love the new birthday feeling.  I am not talking about the getting older factor, because personally I live a young person’s lifestyle to always feel like I am a kid again and just do more mature activities.  I think it’s a blessing to see another year alive, and I personally enjoy seeing people happy for their birthdays.  If there is one day out the year, I think you should take a break and live life a little via life is so crazy now a days, is to just enjoy your birthday and be happy.


Thank you for reading.


Let me know you thoughts, opinions and ideas.


Question: What did you get for your birthday this year, or you are hoping on getting? What are you currently seeking out to buy yourself personally?


I hope you consider following and subscribing for you may be someone with great works I might discover or want to find interesting things on the web.


Your truly,


Richardo Wilson.




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