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Drip-lets of Images | Art and Photography

Raw Art

My photography returns tomorrow, August 1, 2013.  We have a new development and style and appeal.  Let’s merge poetry and art together with photography, and let it pure upon our eyes right into our minds to cause an emotion.

I am excited to share my passion and love of photography with you, the world, the people and let my creative will run wild.

I am so happy I wrote a micro-poem for this moment…

The camera caught her grace and features,
Shadows form around the body to meet itself,
In the light it’s an attraction like a viewing in a gallery,
The feeling is there, breathe in the air,
For a moment was captured,
Never to be forgotten,
It shall always be there.

I hope you enjoy that.  Also I hope you are excited to breathe in a new air of photography from myself, Richardo (the creative poet and photographer).  Let’s jump across the moon and shine bright all night and day to make something special.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson


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No heroes today,
They are due to be created,
Groomed by our ways to live,
To receive we must give,
Think of it as an equal trade,
For good defeat evil we must be brave,
Keep a steady mind,
What I work for can mine in time.

Richardo Wilson