For a few years now I was challenged with one problem, which is, what is my problem?  I guess you can say my weakness.  I have formulated a plan in my early teenage years to dominate the world and make an impact, but in the sense of education and personal knowledge I have.  But I have failed to leave a legacy upon others to share.  It’s funny how people know me for many things and talents for pretty much when they want to use me or need help, but forget the glory of paying homage or grant proper credit to my involvement.  I think that was really my fault.

So what is the problem you ask?  The problem is, I was moving fast, the world kept spinning, and just didn’t have the time to let go and drop my baggages.  I was too adaptive, I am too much of a problem solution, I was too much of everything people wanted or would need.  There was chaos bound to happen career wise and comfort within simplicity when you are too creative and versatile.  I actually see it more now.

I think I missed my power up.  I think I missed my spot.  I missed my jump to that platform I was to reach.

This feeling and outcome was coming a long time, in which I tried to fix the problem, a few snips here and there, but nothing drastic.  You can say I was unconsciously scared of leaving things behind I spent building, I worked hard earning, and best yet, involved me alone to make it happen.  So all in all, it was just as I was looking at it, everything internally created, I found it hard to deal to let go.  Outside of me and my passions, I was performing at a high level, there was nothing that someone could put before me, I wouldn’t break down and possible in achievements.  But to me those were as real as what I had.  And back to one of my initial argument I never got my due credit for what I have accomplished for others.

I was Mr. Team Player on everyone’s rooster, the destined hitter you can even say.  Then look back at things and say, where are the team players on my side?  Where were the people who wanted to help me, pick up a few slacks I had lying around via I picked up their and other’s slack for in order for them to create their moments?  Well you see, I was never the guy to rant or complain, or for the most the waiting for someone to step in and help me, I made it my duty to help me, but I couldn’t cover all my basis of growth where there is a team involved.  There were too many failed promises, I.O.U.’s, and pending returns on investments, in which I left to side and kept hacking at my future.

So my ultimate problem came from not slowing down, even though the world kept spinning.  I think I was on that no sleep team in which I knew was the one of the worse teams ever, but in order for me to keep operating and improving, I had to keep going.  If I stopped, my chances stopped.  Yes I am smart to know it’s more about quality than quantity, I live that motto, but I was just had my set of back luck with others year in and year out.  So I was my team, as well as on others team.

So walking around the house, I am looking at things of no matter things I haven’t touched in 3 years or even more, and look at it’s lost potentials.  Then I stare at the objects and items, and say, well I could probably pick that up and finish it, I have a bit of time.  But in reality, the world keeps spinning, if sat there and went no where, where is it to go now, after I have evolved and grown in my skills.

So all in I wanted to be one the most creative and versatile professional there is, and I am that, but my fault is have held that pass around me camping out, while my desires no longer stand in on that front.

I have a big restart to commit me in my life, I must rid myself of all my baggages, and tightening up my exposure to others, and it’s among requirements to further my involvement, partnership or business with others.  I must add that value of my work I am known for in others and establish into to stick in the places that matters.  I got to release all the non-potential past to ensure my proper future and that I never miss another power up, for I will create that power up opportunity again.

May is my power month of the year for the past 3+ years.  It will be my big restart, and the month I leave my creative plateau and unlock my future potentials for myself to see, others to share & learn from.  This shall be me all month, starting this week. (check image below)

Mega Mario
Mega Mario


I truly hope when someone (you) read this post, you can reflect on yourself and pin point mistakes you can avoid and eliminate to ensure your success in your passions.

Have you had any hardship overcoming something in your life currently?  have your abilities and skills been exactly a weakness of yours as well?

Thanks for reading…

Richardo Wilson

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