Life Is A Parody

English: THIS IS SPARTA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I make fun of life.  It’s so much things that goes on that you can poke fun at and laugh.  Now there are also sad times, but we really are not talking about that.  I mean I look at life with both a serious tone and humorous one as well.  How do you view life?


I actually created a series just that.  It’s called the “The Real Life” but it’s also a learning series of things.  It’s just like saying if you taught to not make a certain mistake, but you still went and did it, whose fault is it?  And would you consider it something to laugh about or just a darn shame?


Well I like to showcase though situations and spark some really interesting conversations.  If you have any topics or ideas you want to contribute or talk about or has never been talked about, let me know.  I will creativity spin it off to be comedic or dramatic for its life and it is a parody.  I want to entertain and educate you with just that. 🙂


Have a lovely day, until next time.
Richardo Wilson


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