I Love Tennis


Think about it.  You are outside, it’s spring time, the sun is just right and you and a partner is ready to have some fun.  You gather some balls (the competitive spirit), plus your regular tennis balls, and your racket, and someone has the great idea to bring a boom box outside.  You start playing some pumping and exciting music, not too loud, and it’s game on.  

You have fruit on the side, with a big bottle of water and a towel, so you are indeed ready to play and have snacks for a break.  The comfort of being with your partner and the fun of hitting the ball across the net, and testing each others returns and serves, and lobbies, it excites you.

Your body starts to warm up, the wind is blowing lightly and smooth, cooling down after a great match, is like a great feeling and workout.  

That’s how my tennis matches and games go like.  Of course within the game, their are winners and losers, but at the end of the day, you don’t have to fully play a game, you can invent a few fun rules, and keep the life of the game exciting and memorable.

It’s spring time, go out and play, have fun.  It’s a great time to learn too.

ImageDo you know how to play tennis?  Are you willing to learn?

Let me know…

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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