It’s the finale,
It’s the end,
Time to put down my pen,
My pencil to be exact,
My scribbles are intense,
The lyrics that I write,
Makes me feel so right,
Feeling type flashy, I am just quite,
Oh yea I got on my suit and tie,
Soon I will fly,
No idea to where I will be landing,
I climb so many mountains,
Ran through many valleys,
I tallied all my losses,
Time to be winning and be quite bossy,
I am happy to be living,
Inspire others is the talent I was given,
Support everyone who willing,
To learn and make their passion burn,
On typewriter, keyboard, or loose-leaf pages,
Everyday for fun,
Or simply because they were feeling the occasion,
International is my wordplay,
Everybody raise yours hands up,
Unite and be blessed,
We have the chance and the freedom to impress,
Just work on your craft,
Love what you do,
Just wait,
It’s soon your time,
Just do the math,
You are going to make it big,
One step at a time you will live,
Though it’s my finale,
Maybe it’s just time to begin.

To all the bloggers and writers in the world and the WordPress Community, live life, write and be free, you have a platform, so use the opportunity, Carpe Diem it’s the only way, you won’t know until you try, nothing is like the present, don’t wait, starting living your life and reach for your dreams TODAY

Live Life, Be Free…

Richardo Wilson

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Your time has come,
It’s a wrap,
Turn off the lights,
Exit the building,
Your light have already been shun,
Time to go to sleep,
It’s not time for a nap,
And definitely not for a late night snack,
It’s a wrap,
Yes I have said it,
And it’s so sad I had to say it again,
Me and you ain’t friends,
So be gone for  this is the end,
Don’t try to defend,
You have just been sacked,
There is no coming back,
Once again it’s a wrap.

Note: I fired myself from writing poetry in advance. lol.  It’s the finally days on “NaPoWriMo” and I am gone.

Have you ever been sacked?  Fired?

It’s a very odd feeling.  I have been sacked before, and I can say it’s not a lovely feeling to have.  Your mind goes all over the place, constantly thinking and trying to figure out what have happened, why did it happen and what you have to do.  I don’t want to be in that position again.  How about you?

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Richardo Wilson
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I AM A MONSTER…RawMultimedia

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It’s a wrap, writing my LAST posts of National Poetry Writing Month…what a month, (one more day to go). 30 Days, 30 Posts…But guess what I did it twice technically (2x). Got to challenge yourself sometimes right?  So for me, it’s 60 Poems, 30 Days…I was a muse for a creative person of the comedy world, in which I am going to leave the details out, but a few of my followers actually follows him as well, heh he…

Anyways, I am so happy and glad my contribution to NaPoWriMo is over, I don’t mean it in a bad way, it was a lovely challenge for me and helped me enter into a new category and new community of people whom have great passions, even though I am actually a writer and poet as well, my blog is more than just a poetry blog.  I don’t want to give people the wrong impression that it’s all I do or offer to the world.  I have something called “The Real Life” is which I write about life, people, inspiration, photography and film in which I haven’t contributed to in a LONG time.

So it’s BYE to poetry for now, for its time to get back to the real life, as well focus on my book, music, film and management firm.

I really want to reach out to a few of the great and wonderful bloggers I have met, and hope so dearly that they would do a few guest posts on my blog.  I love their words and works and just want to give them some shine even though they are great on their own, but I just love the community so darn much.

Lastly, dang I forget that I get quite wordy in these real posts, [:)] I want to thank everyone who followed and subscribed to my blog, I appreciate your comments and support.  I also enjoyed everyone’s blog I visited and commented on as well.  May 1st doing a Giveaway, so it’s just for you guys.

Here is a treat for you.  The cover art of my composed music album, “Elementz” in which is ready to be released.  It’s the ASTRO cover version on the album.  Album set to release early May 2013.

RawMultimedia Presents Elementz COVER ASTRO

Richardo Wilson

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