Revolving Doors of Life

Revolving Door
Revolving Door (Photo credit: Susan NYC)

Revolving Doors of Life

In my bedroom sits my MAC (apple), I create, I design, I produce, I sleep (sometimes)

In my living room sits my LAPTOP PC (Win)…I blog, I comment, I learn, I decode notes

In the gym with shades on, my iPOD I play loudly through my ear-buds as I workout, rap & dance

In my bed lies my KINDLE FIRE HD, I watch Netflix, I read, I set my clock, I watch more Netflix

On the outside I carry my CANON DSLR camera, I walk, I talk, I take photos, I smile

In the kitchen sits my MICROWAVE, it warms my food, pops my popcorn (sometimes make me FAT, oh no)

In the quarters of my workplace on break, sits in my hand my iPHONE 4S, I am bored, I watch YouTube (I HATE BREAKS)

In the hallway sits my CANON VIXIA CAMCORDER on a tripod, I make videos, I entertain, I educate, I act a fool

These are my revolving doors of life, art, and technology, every day of the week, and how I use them to live life and create art through their colors.

How is it you live life?  Where, how and what do you do?

Leave a comment or write a post to which in each room or location you do various activities using technology.

If you decide to write the  post, return and post the link to it on this post and I will go check it out and leave a delightful comment.


In the shower, stands ME I attempt to practice my impromptu spoken word pieces and sing songs I have no business singing. #life

Richardo Wilson

[The Master Ninja]