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This Is My New York City Photography

This Is My New York City

Orange Flower - Nature Photography

Hey subscribers, followers and friends, so I decided to pick up my camera and start shooting photos again and have been updating my blog [This Is My New York City] aka [TiMNYC] is which I share photos of life, art, nature, fashion and more in New York City.  I am really excited to grow my photography presence again and if you are looking to check out some beautiful photos, well the destination is there.

I will be also updating my website/blog here with a few of the photographs as well, to keep you up to date of great new additions.  Here are a few photos you might have missed in which were a few natural nature photographs I shot and creative city street life photography.

Cool Restaurant Delivery Bike - Raw Multimedia Photography

Graffiti Walls East Village - Raw Multimedia Photography

Graffiti Alley East Village - Raw Multimedia Photography

Old Leaves Surviving - Nature Photography.

I surely do hope to give [This Is My New York City] a look and follow along if you enjoy photography or just want to support my works.

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Creative Menace Urban Photography Rawmultimedia Richardo A Wilson


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Turkey Burger MEME

I quite the person on the Internet, I seek knowledge, education, entertainment and humor.  It’s important to be yourself and remember to smile and be happy.  There are probably thousands or millions of meme on the Internet, mostly created out of no where to haven’t to relate to something in entertainment or pop culture, but I decided to create my own simple meme and share it with you guys.

Here is the Turkey Burger Meme:

Turkey Burger MEME RawMultimedia

I hope it was random as weird and a bit puzzling, but hey that’s me.  🙂  Have a great day everyone.

PS: If you want to check out my life through videos and my thoughts, go to

I am also working on a super cool channel RickLoveMedia in which I entertain & educate the world, so tune in.

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