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Lost But Found | Real Life Poetry

Where the Lost Ones Go
Where the Lost Ones Go (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lost inside while outside I still explore,
I can’t seem to find the keys to these doors,
Blocked in by this inner wall solid to the core,
If only I can create my own keys to these doors,
I know who I am but just not what I want to be,
I have a lot of options but which one is the real me,
On the edge of sit I am day in and day out,
I was once lost, but now I found my way out.

Let’s all just shout it out…


I free wrote this piece as I am settling into bed for another week of work.  I am on curiously looking for another job, well let’s say career path that’s more challenging compared to where I am right now.  I know what I would like to be doing or where I want to be, but lost in the journey in getting there.  So I spending the next few weeks tackling my future plans and trying to be found in the world for those that are lost looking for a hero, or the one the holds the keys to the door they are trying to open.  (You saw how I wrote that last sentence? clever wording, not so true).

Hope you had a good weekend and start off on a happy new work or school week.

What are your thoughts?  Did you like the poetry piece?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson