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Life is So Unreal

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So today is a was hit with a noob option, and a semi ninja…(don’t too worry, I am speaking in codes, ok precisely my language, you are free to decode as you like.) ┬áI have been craving or looking for a light at the end of the tunnel and it seem I door was open and a challenge was declared at the end of this lonely hallway, and I feel much like I have walked past this hallway many times and haven’s seen the door this open, or a light shining the way it did today, and I believe it’s time to stop passing it by and approach it with all my strengths, passion and skills, to showcase the legacy of conquering the unknown.


So I decided to sum up my day with a quote.

GOD has tapped me on the shoulder and said,

“My dude, don’t you dare act like a NOOB, don’t you see where I am pushing you to? Go ahead and be that Ninja, you got this.”

My response to GOD was simply this,

“It looks like you been working out Sir, that’s a heavy push. I got this, but correction I am “The Master Ninja”, respectful, I am getting my weight up, soon I will be flexing.”


I Miss You

Richardo Wilson


PS: I am going to miss the old me…it’s going to be just a memory now.