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This an amazing post on How To Live in NYC…it’s not all great, but you can still have fun…CHECK IT OUT…


So, internet, let me tell you way too much about myself, but not in the traditional, I-just-got-a-starbucks-let-me-instagram-it type way. No, this is much juicier! Finances!

As you know, I moved to NYC in August 2011 and left in November 2012. I did this mostly for the experience, but also to get some personal training on my resume. The allure of the city with the ego the size of a country seemed to suit my hunger, or at least tug at my curiosity enough to spark the motivation to leave the south for the great unknown, also known as Bushwick, Brooklyn, also known as the place cabs won’t go after midnight, also known as the only place where mosquitos still thrive in an un-environmental city. How do I know about these mosquitos, you ask? Oh, because I slept of the roof quite a bit, due to the complete lack of circulation…

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Passion (Regina Belle album)
Passion (Regina Belle album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Be Here FIRST,
Don’t you dare arrive late,
Don’t you fool around not realize it’s fate,
That has you standing here,
Boldly ready to do what others won’t,
Courageously trying to try want wasn’t,
Believing that if there is a leader, others will follow,
Not choosing to give up when times get hard,
Creating a defense so hard to block others don’t their guards,
For you chose to attack,
You chose to live,
You chose to be present,
You chose to be you,
Be FIRST at being you,
Be there,
Be here.
BE FIRST for you.


How do you feel today?  Are you here?  Are you first?


Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson



Part 2 – The Sequel – Larger Than Life


So I have been noticeably gone from my blog a while, darn it, the complete opposite of my true intentions, but that’s how life is sometimes.  I am so passionate about what I do and want to grow larger than life, well at least in my eyes, and to do so requires a crazy amount of innovation.  I felt I contributed to a few unique trends already and I think I am repeating the process too much instead of pushing the cards.  So even with all it’s incompleteness and imperfections, I am ready.  I will adjust and reinventing within the process of release. 

I have been spending more time joyriding around the blogging community and so excited about the new blogs I have discovered and really want to give those writers shout out for being awesome and writing great contents.  I also will have interviews coming back to my blog, in which will showcase a few great inspirational people.  I am the Master Ninja of the Internet, and I want to act accordingly by curating the best the blogs community has to offer.

I very much seeking Guest Blogger to feature on my blog.  I want a few poetry, humor and life posts that shall bring a smile to others day and showcase your voice in which brings an new audience to your blogs as well.  I think a voice and character is a great quality to have. When you have owned your voice and have a great sense of who you are, it’s the best thing you can ever be proud of in life.


Thanks for everyone sticking with me.
Richardo Wilson

PS: The book I am writing is almost here, just a few more weeks.