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Live Life Like A Shark

Shark Life

Live life like a shark, and when I say this I mean, swim swiftly and precise.  I am not talking about the JAWS type shark, but if you see your objectives as fishes, you want to move towards them and take them over in a precise and effective way.  You can say it’s a way to grow.  If you know to obtain food constantly and how shall you forgive.

So keep dreaming, keep stepping up to the challenge, and be swift with your motions.  You will at times see the same techniques don’t work all the times, you have to learn and adjust on the fly.  Be smart, seek patterns and solutions for various objectives and you will be in the end more powerful, less fearful to others, and be known as that shark that works hard to be….wait for it, a SHARK.

PS: Be a kind shark though to others that needs help.  Don’t go eating up your friends food, but do let your friends know that their food is there to taken and they should eat it or protect it much better. 🙂

I hope all that made sense…

Let me know what you think.  What are your thoughts?

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Richardo Wilson

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