Part 2 – The Sequel – Larger Than Life


So I have been noticeably gone from my blog a while, darn it, the complete opposite of my true intentions, but that’s how life is sometimes.  I am so passionate about what I do and want to grow larger than life, well at least in my eyes, and to do so requires a crazy amount of innovation.  I felt I contributed to a few unique trends already and I think I am repeating the process too much instead of pushing the cards.  So even with all it’s incompleteness and imperfections, I am ready.  I will adjust and reinventing within the process of release. 

I have been spending more time joyriding around the blogging community and so excited about the new blogs I have discovered and really want to give those writers shout out for being awesome and writing great contents.  I also will have interviews coming back to my blog, in which will showcase a few great inspirational people.  I am the Master Ninja of the Internet, and I want to act accordingly by curating the best the blogs community has to offer.

I very much seeking Guest Blogger to feature on my blog.  I want a few poetry, humor and life posts that shall bring a smile to others day and showcase your voice in which brings an new audience to your blogs as well.  I think a voice and character is a great quality to have. When you have owned your voice and have a great sense of who you are, it’s the best thing you can ever be proud of in life.


Thanks for everyone sticking with me.
Richardo Wilson

PS: The book I am writing is almost here, just a few more weeks.

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