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Heartless (Kanye West song)
Heartless (Kanye West song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



For far too long I cared and was just a little bit curious.  For far too long I watched as spam, junk mail and other advertisement filled my inbox.  For far too long I have pondered an escape.  It was hard for me to envision a life without debts and constant rubbish.  As of today I am setting myself free.  Free from the world of clutter and unnecessary cryptic nothing.  I am breaking free from all that is just a want but not a need.  I need to see a change, I need to see a difference, I have climbed too many mountains, and tripped over few too many twigs.


Today marks the day I plug from the matrix.  No more hunt for the best deals and have them come to my email.  No more, subscribe to kind or plug myself to unwanted notifications.  If I want something I know all the possible ways to go get it, I am not lazy.  So why did I sign up for the constant updates in which became too much to manage and handle?


I have seen myself sitting a waiting for a change, an update, an opportunity to arise for the past couple years.  What happened to the how I even gotten to this point of knowledge and power within myself, in which I created my  experience and lifestyle.  Where is my simple lifestyle?  I don’t have the stress, but I can now reverse things I did and convert them to regrets.  I have found my pain music, I have found my words to speak and be free.


I have supported everyone the best I could but in the end, no one (close) has pushed for me.  I shall not continues these behaviors, I can break this habit.  I do actually have qualifications in psychology and have yet to create my life, the real life I was bred to live.  I need to spark my legacy in which very few shall or could trail.  I have seen my achievements, I have made my milestones, I been here for this and I there for the beginning of that.


I need to end the talking, and get back to what matters, everything simply, fewer distractions, more commitment, and a great presentation and delivery.


I shall be the great I believed I can be, the master me, The Master Ninja, in its true form or flawless-ness as I seek to be. (I don’t think much people believe I call myself a Master Ninja, but I am that.)


I blessed to have a voice, a pair of hands to type this message to myself, and for those who dared to read.   I am not in pain, I am just creating the change.  And it starts simply by withdrawing from everything that is no longer ultimately me, such as the past social sites, random emails, random queries, random brands, and random trends.  Here is to a new beginning.


Thanks for reading, (as always)
The Master Ninja
Richardo Wilson