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14 Days of Romance – Day 3 – A Gentle Touch

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960
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14 Days of RomanceDay 3 – A Gentle Touch

When someone you like or love touches you it’s not hard for you not to enjoy it.  I don’t mean in a freaky way, but just a touch on the wrist, a smooth gentle tap or brush of the body.  Unlike a smile or a hug, a gentle touch is much simpler and it’s something you can feel and remember.  Whether it’s a touch from an admirer or a crush, just knowing that both bodies have touch can trigger instant happiness that makes you run to your boys or your girls and said how it happened and how it made your day spark up.  In more intimate moments, a gentle touch of the arm, legs, neck, ears, lips and even hair can trigger this uncontrollable feeling of joy if done just the right way the person likes.  So touch your special someone today and make them feel that you are there with them.

PS: No rough stuff, and don’t go touching people who don’t want to be touched, that’s a cause for disaster and maybe even a phone call to the police.  You have been warned.  🙂 Enjoy

Tips of True Romance & Love:
Think small, inexpensive, or free, but personal, with some originality and creativity, is the key to true love and romance.

The True Poet of Love

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