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Denial or Acceptance, Linear to Non Linear Reality

The things I crave keeps me company, the things people think I want without ever asking bothers me.  It’s truly a weird space how people make plans for me, and assume roles, but never set aside time to stop thinking about only how I benefit their future than asking how they would fit into out future equally.

note of inspiration
note of inspiration

People forget the real life aspect of what if this or that happen and how it will be dealt with to survive.  As for a post I recently saw, (in which I included in this post) the future isn’t going to be perfect nor will it be predicted, for as soon as you think it’s well made out, there will always be a shift or a change. Upon this happening what will be your plans be then?  Some people don’t see a day-to-day solid ground to walk on while building safety pillows and escape pockets for the troubles ahead.

Watch out for the people with linear dreams & expectations, because once the line is broken it falls apart.  I live in a non linear style.

Live life to improve, be better, adjust, and not worry.  When you live a pessimistic lifestyle or inability to change things and it eats you inside, you a unconsciously destroy yourself in which strikes a denial to believe you were the cause so you blame others.  If want to solve a problem and you know can solve it, if it’s beyond your reach, release and let go, in which I had to do.

What you do think of the post?  Are you build to blend or be flexible or you are steady on a straight line?

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Richardo Wilson