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WOMEN LOVE A TRILOGY, How To Publish A Book in 10 Days

Emotion (Photo credit: rexquisite)

Either way, think about anything of value, we use it in constant rotation.  Book wise, think Harry Potter, ZANE, or Twilight, and so also think movies such as romance comedies, we can watch them and love a zillion times based on an emotion or quantity of times it produce the same emotion or even better.  That’s what I think about when I think of a trilogy or a successful series, whether books, movies, or better yet tv shows.  It’s becomes a part of us.

So when I write or makes videos I want to achieve creating a feeling and emotion that you can take with you and make it part of you.  I want to give you what you need as well as entertain you as well.  So going into Day 3 of How To Publish A Book in 10 Days, I give a few tips and direction to go, and what bothers me, but offer my insight on what keeps me grounded and going to accomplish my goal.

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