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To Be A Published Author, A Dream

English: Toni Morrison, Miami Book Fair Intern...
English: Toni Morrison, Miami Book Fair International, 1986 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have at a time hated books.  I hated to read.  It wasn’t to say I wasn’t interesting to read, it was just at that time I felt most of the content were typical.  I felt the same story and angles were being used.  Now I feel the same way about films.  I still love film, just feel a lack of storyline is being used to be different.  I will get back to film another post, but books were my enemy.  Have you ever felt that way before?

In high school when I discovered Shakespeare, Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou is when it hit me, I love books.  I hate to have to go 0-500 pages of reading but I loved books.   I just hated reading them in school just to pass a test.

What intrigue me the most were the authors and their story.  I used to wonder what the author must have been thinking to capture an emotion and to keep you engaged within a story.  Why they choose a certain plot or how thought of their characters names.  So based off of those curiosities and the lack or void of certain storytelling, I wanted to be a published author.  I didn’t know how and when, but I knew before the end of my life (I later adapted to the fame term: Bucket List), I would like it noted and documented that I was a published author.

Streamline about 10 plus years later, I figured out my angle and stories I wanted to write and tell, it’s just the execution of it I was missing.  It was my goal to achieve this “Published Author” milestone in 2012, but sadly I failed at that, based on timing and a lot of pressure with other goals and milestones I wanted, but finally can say with certainty that 2013 will be the year I achieve a dream.

Who are you favorite authors?  Do you like to read?  Do you own a digital e-reader?

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