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My Sexy Appetite, How To Approach A Woman

fat booty female model
fat booty female model

I have a very particular appetite to a few things.  One of these things is women.  I just love them all.  You can say I love the chance to learn from a woman and her individual moods and philosophy for I find them interesting.  A man’s thoughts and motives are more direct, in which some women fail to dig deep a bit to see what type of man she desires, and how to spot them quick and easy.

When a look a woman I can tell a lot.  I secretly among meeting a new girl, lady or woman is to find out what is her “Sexy“.  I am not talking about just you appearance such as face, eyes, hips and more, but a combination of traits and finesse.  There is always something a woman spends more attention to about how she carries herself.  So it’s always interesting to discover, and I try to communicate it back to the lady what is about her that shines.

It’s funny when they try to hide it or in idle say I don’t know what I am talking about but eagerly wants to know more.  It’s even strange when I speak well and confident when telling them the truth.  Of course you know there are those young ladies that believe it’s a plot to trick them, giving them compliments or trying to break down their defenses, but I can say to all the ladies out there that I have yet to meet, I just want to be friends.  Also I mean well by inviting you into conversation and giving you a better perceptive of yourself.

To me an engaging and stimulating conversation can beat out all the materialist gibber jabber if you see the higher appeal.  You are discovering each other’s “Sexy“, and when you truly see that in a man or a woman it only leads to greater things.


So all the ladies out there (Oh Boy I am really Bold for this one), I gladly invite you to lunch and a cup of coffee or tea.  I would love to learn, meet, share and embrace your “Sexy” as we share and be friends.

*Note:  If ever in New York City to visit or you live here, be sure to hit me up.  I am all over and don’t mind meeting new friends and being a tour guide of fun and entertainment as well as good person to have conversations with.  Facebook Me -> Richardo or Tweet Me -> RawMultimedia

So men, think of this way to approach a woman, and to the women, think of this as a way to accept a man and get to know his ins and outs, instead of everyone is just driven off hormones and the flashy flashy.

Let me know you input.  Share your thoughts, ideas and opinions, I would be glad to hear.

How important is conversation and communication for you in a relationship?  Are you open to talk and be direct?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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