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Real Husbands of Hollywood [Tv Show Review]

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What an awesome show.  I like the energy from Kevin Hart.  After watching the debut new show “Real Husbands of Hollywood” on BET, I am happy to say I am an instant fan.  I feel they have a really great and comedic reality show here.

Being a pretty good Kevin Hart fan as well as a very big stand-up comedy supporter and partitioner, I think this show is just right for me.  I give this show a solid 9.0 out of 10 right off the back, coming out the gate.  It was engaging as well as hilarious with the characters roles and personalities.

I hope to see where the shows carries on and can really add more dynamics to it, and hold a good audience of laughter and comedy for their season run on Tuesday nights each week.

As much as I am very much a NetFlix kind of a guy as of the last 2 years, I see a few potential within Tv Shows on Television in which I think will be good to start watching.  So I guess at nights I might have to find a tv set to sit by or so hope that my Kindle Fire HD is able to connect to my Cablevision subscription anywhere I can access wifi. I have my fingers crossed.

Did you guys see the show?  Are you a fan of Kevin Hart?

Thanks for watching
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