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Clean Eating, Sexy Abs

I have been eating my butt off as of late, and it’s not a good thing. I went from losing 10 pounds to gaining it right back, gosh such a slap in the face. But it goes to show that being focus is important upon eating and having a healthy diet.

So I am back to my healthy eating but kicking it up a notch by eating clean and wholesome food. It shall be quite a challenge trying to eat better and in a more focus routine, but I am here to kick butt, and so can you.

I am not trying to really lose weight, but gain a healthier and more balanced lifestyle and image. Here I go, back to eating smart and living smart.

Eat clean and see the difference in your everyday life. Trust me, there may be more smiles and a better you when you look in the mirror.

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Richardo Wilson

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