9 Words and Phrases I HATE TO SAY



Word 13: hand
Word 13: hand (Photo credit: boardshots)


I am known as much of a talker when you get me started, but it’s simply I have so much positive energy, ideas and information to share.  There are those days that I do keep very quiet though.  I am in my shhh mode, it which I just observe and take everything in.  I pay very close attention to details and my surroundings, and especially body movement by others.  You can say I am very cautious and a very stealthy ninja.


Among everything I do, I pay very close attention to the words I say, and words I hear others say.  If something is too common, I quickly omit it from my vocabulary or in conversation word bank.  I want to say words that


Here are 9 words and phrases I HATE TO SAY.


1. And Ummm – It’s simply a habit of mines to say this.  It’s not bad, but it gives off a feeling or notion to others I might not know what I am talking about.  But in actuality, it’s my mind calculating like a GPS or so, trying to include new information as well as omit common phrases or words I rather not say.  I would have everything laid out to say to someone, but based on the person I choose to say less or use a few other words mid conversation to make more unique.


2. F*^& – I am not one that curses or be vulgar, (my momma raised me well) but I simple don’t like that word, or even think the word in my mind.  It’s ok for everyone to say it, I don’t mind that, but just not me.  I think I am going about 13 or more years since I voluntarily cursed at someone.  There is too many words in the world to say instead of one of the easily and most common.


3. I’m Wrong – I don’t have a pride issue, or some type of complex in which make it hard for me to admit when I am wrong, but I try my best to keep my lip shut in things I don’t know and rather try to find the correct answer instead most times.  This plays well in giving advice or information, I work super hard in giving accurate info, and if I don’t know, I simple say I don’t know, but I shall go and find out.

4. Shut Up – I hate to be disrespect and rather not put someone down.  But surely if someone is running their mouths, I would so love to say shut up, but I don’t, I simply play deaf.  I just think saying those words are just rude.  Simply use another phrase.  (My ultimate solution though is to put my headphones on and listen to music, until they person sees I am having a great time not listening.) 🙂

5. I’m Late – Simple and plain, I hate to be late.  It’s just not in my DNA.  If I am so ever late, I do feel like I owe the person money or hard labor for my noobish way of even think of being late, honestly.

6. I’m Bored – There is too many things in the world to do to be bored.  Create hobby or open up your mind.   When I get bored, I create work quickly, not to mention, I probably was on a break from a task and got bored in which I created more work.  Don’t judge me, my mind is twisted. 🙂

7. I’m Tired – With my workload and high ambitions and all day working, I often get tired, I just hate to say the words, because I rather be active doing something anyways. smh

8. I Hate You – Hate is a very strong word.  I try to omit it any chance I get.  Sadly, it’s included in the title of this post.  It’s a sad day in my life right now. lol. But truly I honestly can’t say I hate anyone, I am a very understanding person, but still I just hate the word hate, ummm I mean dislike, if you see my point.

9. YOLO – Let’s just say, any overly used slang in history, I just rather use more of the unused words, rather than the same jargons and simple forms of expressions.  Let’s branch out with words.  Let’s be different, just a little bit and see how far that will take us.  Greatest is achieve with growth.


I surely hope you enjoy your read, and found a bit of humor and honestly in it all. Have a great day.  See you on my next post, ->


What did you think of my post?  Are there any words you rather not say or hate to say?


Leave your words, thoughts and opinion in the comments…I love to hear them and read.  Even drop a link to your blog, and I shall check out your work. 🙂


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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 100,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

It was an awesome year for my blog, in which I worked hard at…While I am now in 2013, I am ready to make a great deal of impact and a community and culture of blogging/writing.