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On The 7th Day For the Win



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Not everyday we must work, do I choose to either way.  But on the 7th day of work is where I win with happiness.




7 Ways To Win




  1. Waking up as late I want to.  After 6 days of straight work, I think I am allowed to at least sleep in.
  2. Walking around the house with no pants.  I bet that’s the high life for some people.
  3. Making whatever I want for breakfast, most likely some left over pizza and a cup of coffee, why not, there is no rules.
  4. Seeing 20 missed text messages and calls, and figure who ever left those had to be desperate, lonely or very important, but still think to self, I have no time for that.
  5. Deciding to walk around with a pillow in hand and headphones on to block the traffic of sound, and which ever location you end up, there is something soft to lay on.  (sleepy time)
  6. Trying to think of some work that needs to get done, get confused and say forget it and create a better plan of doing nothing. (I think I have tried this a few times in life, lol.)
  7. No matter what time of day it is, there is nothing better than watching some classic movies of comedy and humor or Tv Shows on Netflix, while wrapped up in the sheets. (Now that’s the life, and the win.)


Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)


What do you do on the 7th day?




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Richardo Wilson