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4 Lies I Try Not To Tell

Liar Liar
Liar Liar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not much of a liar, but there are some lies I wish I didn’t have to tell.  Sometimes we just have to lie, whether it’s a white lie or just the truth in disguise of a lie, here are my four lies I wish I didn’t have to tell.

Lie 1 – I Don’t Love You

Clearly I am in love with you, but I have to tell you I am not so you can go.  It pains me to lie to you, but I just can’t be with you, and as much as I want to be selfish and have you all to myself and the misery and fights we might have, I have to let you go. Bye.

Lie 2 – I Am Not BUSY…

I really hate saying this to friends and family that I am busy, but clearly I am busy, if I told you my goals and aspirations and you are not even trying to help me get there so I would have more free time.  I have to try to be human, say I am not busy in hopes that we can actually hang out or you don’t think I am a robot.  But I am busy, I am busy chasing my dreams, whether it’s going to school, working, being a music artist or a writer/blogger, I am busy.   Sorry I lied.

Lie 3 – I Can’t Help You

Sometimes I have to tell people the truth in which they see I have the talent and skills to help them in life, but I turn around and say I can’t help them when I actually can.  The fact is mostly I can only help the people who wants to be helped, and wants to work hard, instead of someone who just wants you to do all the work and reap the benefits in life.

Lie 4 – I Do Sleep/Have a Social Life

Shakira (left) and Knowles (right) in the musi...
“Beautiful Liar” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Going back to being busy, If all or most of my time is spending working or chasing my dreams, when do you think I have time to sleep when there is some much things left to do in the day?

I hope you enjoyed the lies I try not to tell, for we all lie in some way of form.  Sometimes the words of honesty slips, or even can be taken that, we do have the power and energy to do things we say we can not, we just choose not to do them or apply the discipline to do so.


  • – To the girlfriend or wife…”You are not fat”
  • – To your kids…”It’s just not truth”
  • – To your boss…”I was not late”

What are some lies you wish you didn’t have to tell?  What do you think of my lies?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson