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3 Things I Find FUNNY

Do i look funny or something

I find people who lie to someone who actually knows the truth to what they are saying funny.  It’s cracks me up when the person is trying to sell the lie super hard, and even so far that they get emotional with it.  One of the best moments in life.

I find people who start rapping/singing songs on the train super hard and loud funny.  First, It’s not bothering me all for my headphones are super loud, so I can’t hear nothing they are saying.  Second, it’s when everyone’s head shift to the person who is singing and the disgust they show for the sound, but the smile they show for the super passionate performance of them being in their own world, so much fun to see.  Third, when the person stops what their doing and turn around to see everyone’s trying not to burst out with laughter face, and they feel a bit embarrassed, so epic of a funny time.

Lastly, I find it funny when people try to run after a bus leaving the bus stop in which they know they were not going to reach very funny.  For in their minds, they really thought they were going to make it at some point, and it probably was going to make their day if they did, and just the fail brings a smile to my face.  (Don’t you judge me, they know better to be early than late.)

What are 3 things you find funny?

Write about it a post your link to it in the comment and I will check it out and drop a comment of my own to your post.  Or, you can just let me know you thoughts and opinion to my post. 🙂 Thanks

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