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Never Second Guess, But Actually Do

2 Hell with Common Sense

Sometimes in life we second guess ourselves, but most times it’s in a way to discourage ourselves in doing something we probably need to do.  To that, I say never second guess yourself and take a chance, but be cautious in doing so.  You never know what you do until you try.  So try something new today.

If you are in a certain particular situation that is unfitting to you or you think is too good to be true, please second guess it.  Or in other words, give it a second thought.  Write a pros and cons list, evaluate the circumstances and consequences and then make a proper decision.  We sometimes forget to use common sense or follow our natural instincts, it’s not really our fault, for we are perfect people and can make mistakes at times.  The take away from taking a second look or gaining a second opinion could make a huge difference to the outcome of the situation.  So I advise you be cautious and safe out there.

Tattle Tales Magazine (Fall Edition 1937) - Mi...
Tattle Tales Magazine (Fall Edition 1937) – Mistaken Identity . (Photo credit: marsmet523)

Is there a situation or decision you need an opinion or feedback on?  Are you too shy or feel embarrassed to ask a certain question?

Don’t feel embarrassed, knowledge and input is very helpful in life and becoming a better person.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions, don’t be shy, you can share, I like to listen.  🙂

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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