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A New Character Within Me

Richardo inner character RICK, and he loves media.
Richardo inner character RICK, and he loves media.

I feel like a new me.  I have created an extended character of myself to fill my entertainment gap in life and the content I create.  My name is Richardo Wilson and I am a professional.  I have crafted my attributes to date to be one of the most versatile and creative professional within business, media and photography.  The only problem with that was I am very cautious and protective of my name and brand.  I don’t want to come off as silly and unprofessional and not too serious.  As of 2012, I have discover the lighter side to myself and a name people have called me now and then to be quick and short in which I expanded a character around in which here comes RICK, that’s me.

I love to entertain with my brand as well as educate and I feel being Rick will help brings a more audience and social friendly side of myself.  I even created a new YouTube channel around it, in which is called RickLovesMedia (

I am all about charisma and personality and I feel when people can readily identify me as Rick, they will enjoy and love me, as much as I love everyone is passionate and enjoy being themselves in the way they always wanted to be.

Do you have a nickname?  Is there an inner character within you, you always wanted to explore?

Let me know… 🙂

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson
a.k.a Rick