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Strategy and Consistency vs A Zombie Apocalypse

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle
Melbourne Zombie Shuffle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Strategy and Consistency is the key to win.  I am starting my 2013 Milestones early.  Forget about the end of the world, if I comes it comes.  If a Zombie Apocalypse happens as well, I am ready for that too.  I have a shiny cool sword that I am dying to master as a swordsman/ninja.  But beyond of the humor, to achieve the goals I want next year, strategy and consistency will be my major tools to win.

I am lucky to have natural talent, creativity and a tremendous work ethics in embedded in me, and with new measurable focus, I shall be standing to achieve some great milestones for 2013.

Are you starting your goals early?  What are your main focus for the new year?  What are your keywords or motivational words of 2013?

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Richardo Wilson

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