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Crashed Toyota Matrix
Crashed Toyota Matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow, what a year 2012 has been for me.  I have been super stressed out for the last couple days.  Everything I worked hard for in 2012 with taking no vacation are now showing the light of day and they are stressing me out.  I have been climbing the wall of creative and the corporate ladder since the beginning of the year, and I have finally reached the skill level I wanted and needed to be.  I am finally on a one week vacation from the world, but can’t totally enjoy it in a certain fashion I wanted to via I have a few extremely important projects to release.

I have this curse in with is fall the “Fall/Winter Curse” in which I spoke about before, that has haunted me for over 4 years now.  Any projects I try to release between September to December of the year has failed.  I don’t mean they weren’t down or finished, they were just never released.  This is the most stressed part of the year for me.  So everything gets delayed.

What a great One Year on Flickr!
What a great One Year on Flickr! (Photo credit: Monroe’s Dragonfly)

This year is different via I set up everything to break the curse and finally put it to rest.  But somehow it has risen its head in a different form.  All the things I wanted happened for the most part has happened and has unlocked better opportunities, in which has shifted my projects from being released.  I am highly upset via I put a lot of time and passion into the build of these project to possibly see them get pushed or washed away to the side with new ideas, and another entire year of delivering the project properly and be as effective as I know it can be.

So as of today, Dec. 10, 2012, I shall be pulling my hair out in madness for the next 3 weeks until December 31, 2012, to release the greatness of art and passions I have created to share with the world.

How are you doing this winter/Christmas season?  Is there any stress you are experiencing?

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Richardo Wilson