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Hurricane Sandy Stole My Nuts

I recorded a new vlog about Hurricane Sandy and it’s damages on the homes of Squirrels, and this is what I came up with…I hope you enjoy.

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Richardo Wilson

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Coming out of the closet
Coming out of the closet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my quest to de-clutter my life I have decided to take some drastic measures. I want to throw away all these old things lying around the use with no use, and create something new I would need in the present and the future. I have a lot of dead weight in my house just there for no reason, material things of no value except for the fact I earned or obtained them over a period of time in my life. There are no need for these things that I don’t use but see on a regular as a place holder or as I would call baggage to weight down on me when it’s time to really make a difference in my life.

I want freedom and portability in my life, as if I wanted to pick up and go, it would not be hard to find the things that matters the most or would be helpful tools to help me create and be a better me. I yearn for more productivity in my life, that each thing I do has a meaning and creates and effect on mine or someone’s life.

English: what is life?

So I as a challenge to myself, I want to extend the control over myself and throw away something that is no long valuable from my home or life, and as well make it interesting by photographing the item while giving a bit of back story about it. I am quite the storytelling in person, and they do say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s pure on the freedom and start booting these non needed items from my life to make room for new more important things.

Upon creating something new, I decided to make it super productivity as I taking out the bad seeds I don’t need by de-cluttering, and now I shall add the good seeds by creating things I do need in my life. I want to be more organize in new ways, I want to express myself more, I want to fine tune my business and career, so I need to create effective tools and structure to bring those forth. So the new things created shall be in the form of tasks I have procrastinated on, such as a blog redesign, update my personal website, creative visually stimulating business cards, as well as do more reading via my kindle. There are a gallery of things I need to do in which I shall create and check them off my list as I go, on the road of de-cluttering my life and make a new, happier and happier me.

What do you think? Do you have things lying around for months, years or even a decade you don’t use or need and wondered why it’s still there? What ways would you like to de-clutter your life and make room for a new and better you?

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Richardo Wilson

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X Rated Quickie

Sugar (Gimme Some)
Sugar (Gimme Some) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I need it fast,
I don’t want it slow,
I need it now,
Because I really got to go,
Show me all the smiles,
Leave all the fake moans behind,
Gimme it to me raw and real,
Because we already know the deal,
Love me now never you wait,
When its over I will be waving to you from the gate,

What do you think?  Did you like it?

*This poem is for when you want that real love quick and fast, no timing to be counting if its real or not, we not here to do the math.  This is for when you want the real deal up front, no sugar coating.

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Richardo Wilson