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Lost My Charm

As Kevin Hart said in his recording breaking stand up comedy movie “Laugh At My Pain”, I just woke up one morning and I was just bad, all my moves were gone.  Although Kevin Hart was referring to sex when he said it and how he lost his moves, I am using that same notion today to talk about my lack of charm.  I have lost my charm.  Not only have I lost it in its most literally subject matter relating to say women, dating and a relationship, but also in the sense of having influence on someone to do something.

Let me just say, I use to be good, really good, so good just my presence would unlock locked ears and open eyes to see.  It has become apparent that I have lost this talent and trait.

I look at charm as a talent to inspire and to create.  In many sense its the great motivation tools to make things happen.  It is an appeal to make things run smooth and you to believe in whomever that has this talent.  Think to yourself on why do you like your current president Barack Obama, or even why you like some of the actors and musicians you like, its a certain charm they have over you that makes you feel good, and makes you want to do things for them, or help them reach a goal or support a decision they have made. 

All in all, I have lost touch of that in a relationship or havent seen that as a factor I have to consider via if someone believes you are charming then you simply that.  I miss that giving of a charm feeling.  Charm is almost the same as smiling or confidence to choose.

Anyways in the end, I need to get back to that place, it would help my career, it would help create a better atmosphere for everyone around me to want to be better instead of settling and struggling, and also help out on the dating scene, if I were to entet that arena.  But being charming is fun, and I can really see the missed opportunities and experiences due to the lack of charm.

Then again I actually think I am still charming through writing, thank god for blogging. 🙂

What do you think?  Have you ran out of anything?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson