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Fashion by Rachel Ariel Photography
Fashion by Rachel Ariel Photography (Photo credit: rawphotowomen)

If I was to open any store in the world, it would have to be fashion store for women.  I love women and how they style and groom themselves.  It’s like the most amazing thing in the world.  When I am working down the streets of Soho or 5th Ave, as I am in the city (new york city) every week now, I can’t stop looking at the women.  Most people would think it’s impolite of something or perverted in which it’s not, I just have an eye for beauty and I love to look at it.

Different women come with different styles, make, body, curves (you can even add the typical booty and breast, I bet some guy reading this is happy I said that), but really though, women are amazing.  It’s like one of the best thing in the world to see a woman happy, confident and flaunting your sexiness.  So I definitely would like to see that happiness.

That’s the reason why if I ever was to open a store, it would have to be fashion store for women.  I would have to add some other features to the store, a bit of art, modeling show weekly for my customers to showcase their sexy in my store.  And best of all I am a professional photographer, so everyone wins with beautiful photos to go home and show off to their husbands, boyfriends, family, friends, pets or even they love themselves enough, the mirror.

Sexy, fashion and beauty has always been apart of me, and more now than ever because I have a lot of connection and push to make things happen.  I am keeping my fingers cross and aiming to test something out next year (2013).

Fashion Long Hairstyles-13
Fashion Long Hairstyles-13 (Photo credit: Agnes Jr)

What is your favorite thing to buy?  Do you love to shop?  Are you more a shoe, bag, accessory, dress, makeup person?  Who wants to open this store with me?  Would you come by and hang out there?

Even if you are a guy, you can style and do your thing too, but I like to see a nicely groomed guy.  Women appreciate a well dressed and proper guy, so make sure you are wooing the lovely ladies with the truth of you and making a statement.

Let me know what you think…Share your thoughts, comments, and opinion with me, we can spark a conversation.  If you in the USA. you can even call me or text me.  347-603-0406 <— I am crazy for that huh.  🙂

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Richardo Wilson

PS: I got a little fashion/art contest coming in about a week.  I am excited to just give away things. 🙂