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Think Like A Man [Movie Review]

Gabrielle Union at the San Francisco Blackberr...
Gabrielle Union at the San Francisco Blackberry Storm party. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s start this off right, I am a big Steve Harvey fan, I love me funny comedy with a conscious background to it and also enjoy Steve’s radio show in which he is now has a TV show on NBC.  I recently rented ‘Think Like A Man” on DVD because I missed in the theater and I had a lot of people telling me how good it was.  I think it was mostly girls, I knew why.  Just as my recent “The Hunger Gamesmovie review, this movie and definitely the book was tailored to women.  There is nothing wrong with that, and to add to that, I am commend Steve Harvey for teaching women how to love a man, and also protect their “cookie” as I would advise my daughter if I had one.

I give the movie a 8/10 rating.  It was a very decent movie and was filled with some of my favorite and greatest black movie stars and it was surely a delight to see them all in a film and do a really good job.  As much as I love all of them and the message of the movie, I still kind of happy I didn’t see the movie in the theater for it was a bit ehhh to me.  It was quite predictable and I have nothing much to recall about the movie via I guess I am already a proper gentleman so I already know the ins and outs of relationships and how the whole thing works.  Plus side to things, I have a good amount of qualifications in the psychology field as well as etiquette and just being myself and having morals.

Hence forth, it’s still a great movie and I would most likely watch it again for couple of scenes thanks to Kevin Hart and the sexiness of Gabrielle Union (OMG) and others.

Either any you got to love those romantic comedies, so nice and fun.

It was also a delight to see quite a few other actors and actresses make cameos in the movie.

Did you watch the movie?  Do you want to watch the movie?  What did you think about the movie?

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