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We as humans and people lie.  Though we think we dont or is in denial of the truth, some point in our lives we have lied.  Here are twelve lies we tell daily.

I love you
I am up, I am not sleeping
I am not tired
I am not hungry
I didnt do that
I didnt remember
I can’t
I am ok
I didnt cheat
I wasnt late

Based on the situation, each of those as simple as they may be is equal to a lie, even if not meant as so.  Think of logic, or research its application. 

Which ones do you say the most?  Do you think you never lied before?

Let me know what you think?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

One thought on “Twelve Lies, EVERYONE LIES

  1. So true! I am guilty of many of the lies on your list. Most of the time, they escape my lips before I even realize I’m saying them, so that I find them escaped and wonder, bemused, if I really just said that. The incidence of these lies is diminishing with my attention . . . I think. 🙂


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