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Bow Before Greatness
Bow Before Greatness (Photo credit: Carlos Varela)

I am thinking of going back to school in September to do some independent studies.  I am not going back to college though or a physical school, nor an online university, but I shall be dedicating my time to tour to different seminars circuits, conferences, workshops, expos as well as online classes and webinars to  learn some great things in a couple of fields I am interested.

I have already have my bachelors degree, and shall in maybe about a year or two, snatch my masters degree, in which I want to make sure I get it in something I really will be dedicated to for the rest of my life.  I think of it just like that.  It’s a career, it’s your life.

I already do so and have the mindset already, but I just the degree (if I can afford it 🙂 ) should just be adding to my status and merits.

So september starts or restarts my quest of intensive knowledge and skills in things I am not a master of, and MASTER these skills with GREATNESS to someday take over the WORLD ( ummm not really, but help the world be a better place.).

I am going to break it down and blog about the things I have learned and how I have set up my schedule.

You don’t have to go to pass high school or graduate college or a trade school to be GREAT or acquire knowledge and training to be skillful.  You just need a direction, knowledge of resources, focus, hard work, and creativity, and apply it to overall goal.

I am the front-runner of being a self-starter, motivator and Do It Yourself mentality.

What do you want to learn in life?  Do you want to go back to school?  Are you learning and bettering yourself independently?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

One thought on “Going BACK TO SCHOOL to be THE BEST IN THE WORLD

  1. I say go for it. I’ll be entering my second year of journalism this fall, and I’m glad that I made the choice to attend post-secondary studies to further my education and get a good career. I’ve seen some of your work already, and I must say that it’s really amazing. I know some people that have taken independent studies before, and they have said that it’s a really good program. Best of luck in your future!


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