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In Memory Of…

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In life we win some, we lose some.  It’s very sad when it comes to people we lose in our lives.  It’s even worse when we lose someone we love or whom was just an amazing person.  Family is one those prize possession that we all try to hold on to, but as life goes on, people come and go.  Everyone is going to leave one day, so it’s best to cherish who you have by your side today, tomorrow or to be logical, yesterday.  Don’t let a day or too much pass without trying to connect with a loved one and create wonderful memories with them to hold you when it time for them to go.  Better yet think of it you creating memories of you as well for when you leave this earth, for tomorrow is never promise and you just don’t know when it your time.

I am not writing this post to be sad, or put anyone down, I am pretty down to earth with how I talk and relate with others.  I write about life, and what are the best ways to live it and how you can start living a happy one today.  You are in tuned to Richardo’s Creative Lifestyle right? a.k.a. “RawMultimedia“.

Sometimes memories are all we have, so in memory you or anyone you may have lost, live your life TODAY, live is well and create great memories.

Is there someone you currently miss from your life?  Do you celebrate the life of other’s that have passed?  How are you living your life today?

Leave a comment…let me know…I am all ears and eyes. 🙂 (wink wink)

This post is dedicated to my cousin (Royhan Levy) who had passed a few years ago, today was his birthday.

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