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Money Monday: LOVE and MONEY [GIVEWAY]

Notepad (software)
Notepad (software) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to #MM # Money Monday, your weekly guide to better money management and more from an everyday ninja of economics/entrepreneurship.

Hello everyone my name is Richardo, if you are new to my blog and if you are not new, hey guys, every week I will be hosting a post on money and money management each Monday titled Money Monday in which is something I am passionate about helping others, and hopefully people will apply it towards their week or their lives to better themselves as money is always a touchy subject to most.  I do this series in episodes and I like to keep things fun, direct and light so not boring a dull and I am definitely not here to sell you anything, but to share my knowledge to all.

Anyways today is episode zero, and I wanted to start it off as a FREE GIVEAWAY. Yea I know.

This FREE GIVEAWAY is ONLY OPEN to people in the United States…not internationally (in which I have FREE GIVEAWAY coming up for that)

To be entered to WIN…

1.  You must be SUBSCRIBED to my blog (
2. Leave a comment on this POST answering “What do you like about money?” with a link to your BLOG.


1. You must LIKE my FACEBOOK PAGE (
2. Leave a comment on the WALL with a LINK to YOUR BLOG and the Tag #MoneyMonday.

Hopefully that’s pretty SIMPLE. 🙂

THE WINNER is picked by random…I put everyone’s name who entered correctly in a HAT, shake, and pick a winner.

THE GIVEAWAY is from Monday August 20th 2012Sunday August 26th 2012 at 11:59 pm (eastern, New York time).

WINNER will be ANNOUNCED on Monday August 27th…in which I will contact the winner via EMAIL listed on their blog or ABOUT ME section…to get their Address to MAIL the PRIZE.

What’s the PRIZE?


2012-2013 Planning Calender
Cool Mini Legal Notepad
A Mini Notebook
(2) Cool Pens
Pack of Mechanical Pencils

Money Monday Giveaway Prize

(if you didn’t know I love office supplies)
(This is my gift to you to be organized, and help manage your life a bit better…plus who doesn’t like FREE little goodies.)

I will post an UPDATE of the PHOTO of the GOODIES on this POST

and it would be COOL and if you want, to REBLOG THIS POST

Thanks for tuning in to Money Monday
“Remember to always get your money right.” – See You Next Week…
Richardo Wilson

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