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Purple Touch (A Bit of Soul Searching)

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I love this photo of me…it really captures me when I am actually thinking.  I am off the grid.  My eye captures something and locks in on it as my mind races to find ideas and energy from whatever it is.  I think it’s boring if everyone is the same, so without noticing it, I stand out a lot from others.  I also love Purple/Violet, though not my favorite overall color, but I think it makes a statement.

Lately I been locked in on couple of goals I have set for myself and trying my hardest to be not distracted.  I am in the search for some external inspiration to keep me focused and steady. Some friends and associates get upset or feel a way when they try to sell me on things to support them, when they don’t even check out my efforts.  I feel more connected to strangers than people close to me.  For example by following other’s personal blogs and video channel, I feel like I know that person and can interact better with them.  You just got to love the Internet and bloggers/writer expressing themselves.

Feel My Soul (song)
Feel My Soul (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who inspires you to write?  Who inspires you to think?  What stands out about you?

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youtube (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I am back to creating videos back on YouTube.  If you didn’t know, yes I do have a YouTube Channel in which I post a video every Sunday and Wednesday and sometimes in between.  I do comedic and dramatic videos and a little bit of storytelling and sightseeing in New York City.  I am pretty much a blogger and vlogger, documenting and entertaining people everywhere I go.

Either way you can check out my NEW VIDEO, of me repping my Jamaican Flag and me being on the basketball courts.

If you want to SUBSCRIBE to MY VIDEOS you can by going to or checking out Video log page each week on my blog –> Vlogs-Videos.  I try my best to be entertaining and cool, so if you are ever bored, you can check me out.

I hope you enjoy.

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