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Beating The Clock

To not be late, you should do things early, not on time.  I think thats the key to beating the clock.  It would apply for basketball when the game is tied up or so, and the team trying to win calls the last timeout to plot the last seconds of the game and the strategy to make the last play worth gold.  This concept actually applies to blogging as well, especially in my case trying to beat 12am to get a blog post in before the day is over.  Most of the times it works, with buzz beater posts like this, but other days I fail badly, then its unto the next day. 

I should pre write or schedule my posts more often.  Writing in advance would help everyone get a good read daily from me. 

Do you write or plan your blog posts in advance?  Do you have those days you pretty much try to beat the clock?

Let me know.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson