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Sexy Vignette Beauty [Photography]

Hi everyone, here are two of my latest photos.  I am bringing sexy to the web in a tasteful way.  I had a few photo shoots this year and been so busy doing so many other projects and haven’t spent my time in the photography world enough, but here I go.  Also I am opting in the WordPress’s DailyPost: Weekly Photo Challenge as of today, so new and great photos every week.  They will be in couple places based on how you want to digest your photography.  Here are the locations:

This Is My New York City |  – My photo & video blog dedicated to my photography & film work in New York City. |  – My blog main spotlight page for great photography for viewing and enjoying.
in Blog Posts titled [PHOTOGRAPHY] – Any posts I post I post with the week with a [TITLE] then label [PHOTOGRAPHY].

Check out the photos below and let me know your opinion, thoughts, what you like, what you didn’t like…etc.  Feedback is always welcome.  🙂

Soft Smooth and Sexy - Raw Multimedia Photography

Soft Vignette Beauty - Raw Multimedia Photography


Model: Tajuana
Photographer: Richardo Wilson
Location: New York City

The day of this photoshoot was our first time meeting (me and the model) and she was a blast to work with.  We hit it off from the beginning and she just had a peaceful way about her.  We shoot about 200 shots and I just loved the these photos as a sense of sexy, and just did a convert for the vignette photo, but both photos were completely natural and no retouching.  I so hope to work with her again.

Oh yea shout out to my new followers and new blog community friends.  I deem anyone in the blog community who likes, comments and support “The Super Friends” in which a special post if coming for that, stay tuned.

Special shout to ( Toya/AyoOutLoud ) of for the inspiration and me visiting her blog to opt into the weekly photo challenge.  She is pretty awesome.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson