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You Can’t See Me, Facebook Ninja

Cause If I Can't See You, Then You Can't See Me...

It’s funny when I meet someone new and they want to add me on Facebook or a friend is looking me up and get thrown off by not seeing a picture of me as a profile picture.  I actually like that.  Friends always ask why is their always someone else’s photo as your profile picture or why does your photo gallery have pictures of mostly everyone else in the world but you?  I simply laugh ha ha, and respond, if you look close enough, you most likely always see my name on the photo as the copyrights, via I took the photo.

The Breakdown
Facebook to me filled with everyone being about themselves, sometimes a bit selfish.  I know it’s your Facebook and you can do whatever you want with it, in which I can also do so.  I work and explore life out in the real world with real people a lot, some clients, some very cool friends in which I like to promote and showcase on my profile.  I feel if you seen me one, you seen me a hundred times.  It’s quite boring to me to see my own picture over and over again.  It’s quite wack (yup I said wack).

My Philosophy of Photography
Not many people go outside or can live a certain lifestyle and is always interesting though shy or hide behind a front still want to see or experience what the visual was like of something interesting.  It could be about somewhere someone went or who they were with or just what that person’s personal style is.  When I shoot a photo, I aim to capture a moment and share it.  I like to be behind the scenes a lot in stealth mode (in which why I call myself a ninja) exploring, experimenting and creating great quality in content and entertain or educate others on the possibilities of life outside “the box”.

cute cat kitty photo

If Looks Great, I Created It
While you may not see me a lot, I am always in the mist, and in the sense of my photography or my Facebook profile, I like to showcase other’s beauty, creativity, art, talents, sexy and overall capture their lifestyle as a portrait in which I share with you to enjoy and want to possibly get to know that person and why they are interesting to me.

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Who is mostly in your Facebook Photo Gallery other than you?  Or, do you like to capture and share many photos of yourself, in which is just fine as well?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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